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AI and ChatGPT: Intensive Course

Curious about AI language models?

Eager to use ChatGPT to improve communication and work?

Our intensive course is perfect for anyone ready to explore the exciting world of AI-driven solutions.

Start your journey now!


What does AI and ChatGPT training at Devote Academy include?

  • Mastering essential theoretical concepts in AI and ChatGPT required for every AI enthusiast
  • Real-world examples and exercises led by our experienced instructors
  • Analysis of a sample ChatGPT adoption project from ideation to deployment
  • Access to over 50 resources, guides, and templates for self-learning
  • Intensive course in a limited group
  • Certificate of Completion

Course Contents



AI and ChatGPT: Introduction

  • Introduction to AI, LLMs, and ChatGPT
  • Understanding the impact of AI and ChatGPT in diverse industries
  • Insight into career opportunities and growth

GPT Models

  • Comparing the key differences between GPT-3 and GPT-4
  • Evaluating the enhancements in performance and capabilities
  • Assessing the implications of advancements in GPT models for various applications

Popular use cases

  • Utilizing ChatGPT for better communication (with colleagues, clients, and even loved ones)
  • Employing AI-generated content for promotion, marketing, or selling your ideas in daily life
  • Leveraging AI to optimize decision-making processes. Exercise.

Prompts and Prompt Engineering

  • Understanding the importance of well-crafted prompts in AI interactions
  • Discovering best practices for designing effective prompts
  • Exploring advanced techniques for refining and optimizing prompt engineering


  • Building a collaborative environment for your AI-empowered team
  • Integrating ChatGPT into cross-functional team workflows
  • Exploring strategies for boosting productivity (up to 20x)

The Future of Work

  • Anticipating the impact of AI and ChatGPT on the global workforce
  • Identifying emerging skills and competencies in the AI-driven landscape
  • Preparing for adaptation and reskilling in an evolving job market

*The course can be conducted in both Bulgarian and English. The course materials are available only in English language.


I attended the "Project Management" course, which combined theory well, supported by many examples and practical exercises! An extremely useful course, and the knowledge gained is applicable in everyone's daily life. You guys are amazing, thank you!

Mariya Ravenska

Attended the Project Management course. Worth the time, worth the price, acquiring the necessary knowledge to be better at your job and not only. Very interactive and easy to follow. I highly recommend it!

Zorry Yordanova

I highly recommend it! Wonderful teachers, real business cases, and contemporary theory! Thank you for the introduction to the world of AI!

Radost Ognyanova

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