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Project Management: 8-Hour Intensive Course

Do you want to learn how to professionally manage projects to successfully achieve goals on time and on budget?

To develop a career as a project manager? Or increase the PM skills of your organization?

You are at the right place!

PM Course

What does the training include?

  • Learning all the basic theoretical principles in the field needed by every Project Manager
  • Practical examples and exercises from our experienced instructors
  • Case Study of a project, which will be reviewed through its full lifecycle
  • Over 15 documents, models and templates for self-managing projects
  • Certificate of Completion

Course Contents



Project Management: Introduction

  • Which endeavors qualify as a project (or What is a project?); A brief history of projects through the ages;
  • What creates the need for starting a project;
  • Basic concepts and terminology in project management;
  • The role of a Project Manager: responsibilities and required skills.

 The Project Lifecycle

  • Introduction to the main phases and types of work that occur in any project.

The Initiation Phase

  • Methods for project selection;
  • Preparatory activities: defining objectives, resources available, risks and expectations;
  • Summarizing project information. Exercise.

The Planning Phase

  • Planning as a strategy for success;
  • Defining and documenting scope and requirements. Exercise;
  • Developing a project plan (timeline, buffers, dependencies). Exercise;
  • Building the budget. Exercise;
  • Defining the qualitative criteria;
  • Risk assessment. Exercise;
  • Determine roles and responsibilities.

The Execution Phase

  • Kick-Off Meeting: importance and preparation;
  • Management of project activities;
  • Managing the project team;
  • Register of activities and issues;
  • Change Management/Controlling Change.

The Monitoring & Control Phase

  • Reporting progress against time, budget and requirements. Exercise;
  • Project Status Reporting: Definition and Communication. Exercise;
  • Issue Management: Techniques for overcoming problems that impede project work. Exercise.

 The Closure Phase

  • Closure Activities;
  • Providing Feedback;
  • Documenting Lessons Learnt.

Agile Project Management

  • Introduction, basic concepts and features;
  • Areas of application;
  • Overview of the “Scrum” methodology.

*The course can be conducted in both Bulgarian and English. The course materials are available only in English language.


I attended the "Project Management" course, which combined theory well, supported by many examples and practical exercises! An extremely useful course, and the knowledge gained is applicable in everyone's daily life. You guys are amazing, thank you!

Mariya Ravenska

Attended the Project Management course. Worth the time, worth the price, acquiring the necessary knowledge to be better at your job and not only. Very interactive and easy to follow. I highly recommend it!

Zorry Yordanova

I highly recommend it! Wonderful teachers, real business cases, and contemporary theory! Thank you for the introduction to the world of AI!

Radost Ognyanova


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