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Project Management Consulting

Increase the PM capabilities of your company with a tailored service

At Devote, we understand that every organization has unique project management needs. That’s why we offer tailored consulting services to enhance your organization’s project management capabilities. Our approach is designed to improve your project management processes, roles, and responsibilities, as well as develop end-to-end methodologies personalized for your organization’s requirements.

What we offer

Our consulting services focus on elevating your project management capabilities by:

A) Focused support: Improving specific processes or areas in your existing project management model.

B) Full service: Developing end-to-end project management methodologies custom-fit for your organization.

Our customized approach
  1. Assessment Phase

Our experienced team will analyze your current project management model, processes, roles, and responsibilities to provide a comprehensive assessment report. We aim to fully understand your project management maturity and, based on our findings, provide actionable recommendations on how and where to target improvements. This critical first step sets the foundation for achieving the desired outcomes and transforming your organization’s project management capabilities.

  1. Design Phase

In the Design phase, we focus on developing or upgrading your project management processes, practices, and overall methodology. We consider the unique aspects of your organization and industry in order to design a solution that will have the biggest positive impact on your business. Our goal is to create an optimal approach to project management that is tailored to meet your specific needs.

  1. Implementation Phase

The final phase, Implementation, ensures the successful adoption and sustainability of the newly-designed project management methodologies. Our team will work closely with your organization to support the implementation, adoption, and continuous improvement of these new practices. Additionally, we will provide ongoing guidance to ensure that these new ways of working are seamlessly integrated, sustained, and have a long-lasting, positive impact on your organization.

With Devote’s extensive experience and expertise in project management consulting, you can trust us to be your partner in developing a tailored project management strategy, designed to drive your organization’s success.

Reach out to us if you want to discuss in more detail

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